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Our online I Ching consultation replicates the traditional coin method, providing an accessible entry point into ancient wisdom.

Simply click the "Toss Coin" button six times to create your unique hexagram. As the lines build, you'll see a personalised symbol of insight emerge, inclusive of any changing lines. Once your hexagram is complete, follow the prompt to delve into its meaning and start your journey towards personal growth. Want to quickly access all the hexagrams 1 to 64? Click here.

Learn About the Coin Method to Consult the Iching

While technology has revolutionised the way we interact with ancient wisdom like the I Ching, there's a unique and enriching value in embracing the traditional practices that these texts originate from. One such practice is the coin method of casting hexagrams, a physical act that has been part of I Ching for centuries.

Using the coin method to consult the IChing is about more than just casting hexagrams—it's a ceremonial practice that connects us with the rich history and cultural context of the I Ching. Each coin toss is a tactile and mindful act, grounding us in the present moment. This immersion in the process helps foster a stronger connection to the wisdom of the I Ching. It can deepen our understanding of the hexagrams as we physically engage in their creation, enhancing the sense of personal relevance and making the teachings of the I Ching feel even more applicable to our lives.

Moreover, the coin method brings an element of randomness into the process of consulting the I Ching, which can be seen as a way of letting the universe speak. This is often regarded as one of the main benefits of the traditional casting method. The traditional coin method leaves the choice of hexagram to fate or synchronicity. This combination of intentionality and randomness can be a powerful tool for insight and self-discovery.

Using the coin method also engages us in a ritualistic practice, promoting mindfulness and focus. The act of tossing the coins, recording the results, and building the hexagram is a meditative process. It takes us away from the distractions of our digital lives and allows us to create a dedicated time and space for self-reflection. This ritual can be particularly valuable in our fast-paced world, providing a moment of pause, contemplation, and connection with our inner selves.

In addition, the coin method encourages a sense of active participation in our personal growth journey. It is we who cast the hexagrams, and it is our hands that shape the answers we seek. This level of engagement can create a profound sense of ownership and involvement in the process of self-discovery and growth.

The choice between the traditional coin method and the convenience of the GrowthGuide aiching app ultimately comes down to personal preference. Both offer their unique advantages—the tactile, mindful experience of casting your hexagrams and the extensive, nuanced interpretations provided by AI. Both methods aim to serve the same purpose—to help you tap into the wisdom of the I Ching as a guide for personal growth. Whether you prefer the touch of coins or the touch of a screen, what matters most is your willingness to engage with the insights of the I Ching and apply them to your life.

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