16 November 2023

Top 10 I Ching Apps on Apple Store

Quick Summary: Top 10 I Ching Apps on Apple Store

Explore the ancient wisdom of the I-Ching through intuitive apps that make this philosophical oracle accessible on your iPhone or Apple Watch. Discover a suite of apps that offer a modern take on the 3,000-year-old Book of Changes, providing guidance at life's turning points with a touch of a button. Learn how these apps preserve the divination power of the I-Ching and why they're gaining popularity in our digital era.
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In the bustling digital bazaar of the Apple App Store, the timeless wisdom of the I-Ching stands out, offering solace and guidance through its transformation into a suite of intuitive apps. These digital avatars of the venerable Book of Changes invite both the uninitiated and the sage to explore its rich tapestry of ancient Chinese philosophy with ease and convenience. This compendium navigates the diverse landscape of I-Ching applications, shedding light on their myriad features, their growing allure in our tech-driven zeitgeist, and the essential factors to consider when choosing the perfect app to unlock the oracle’s secrets on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

The I-Ching: A Brief Overview and Its Digital Transformation

The I-Ching, or the Book of Changes, is an ancient Chinese oracle that has been a guiding compass for seekers of wisdom for over three thousand years. Rooted in the principle of yin and yang and the dynamics of change, the text uses a series of 64 hexagrams—each a unique combination of six lines, either broken or unbroken—to offer insight and advice. Each hexagram is associated with a specific teaching or sage advice, providing a mystical mirror to the natural order of the universe and the individual’s place within it. Historically, consulting the I-Ching involved a complex ritual of tossing yarrow stalks or coins to build a hexagram, but the essence of this timeless practice has been distilled into a modern experience with the advent of I-Ching apps.

These digital transformations, available in the App Store and tailor-made for devices like the iPad and iPhone, allow users to “enjoy it with unprecedented ease. Brian Fitzgerald and other contemporary developers have elegantly designed these apps to be easy to use while preserving the divinatory power of the original texts. With the option to download the I-Ching app for iPhone, seekers can carry the wisdom of the sages with them, turning to the Book of Changes for guidance on life’s turning points, all with a touch of a button on their iPhones.

Why Are I-Ching Apps Gaining Popularity Now?

In an era where the fusion of ancient tradition and digital convenience is highly sought after, I-Ching apps have surged in popularity, reflecting a collective yearning for spiritual guidance and self-reflection through time honoured means. The ease with which users can access the Book of Changes on devices like iPads and iPhones has significantly contributed to this trend. With a few taps, users can consult the oracle, delve into the meanings of hexagrams, and apply the I-Ching’s wisdom to their daily lives. This immediacy is complemented by the ability to ‘enjoy it on your iPhone,’ making ancient Chinese wisdom as portable and handy as any modern app. Reviews and ratings on the App Store have further spurred this interest, as curious minds seeking clarity can easily compare user experiences, read reviews, and download the app that best suits their quest for insight.

Furthermore, the appeal of I-Ching apps extends to their capacity to serve as a personal sage, allowing for a private and direct consultation with an oracle that has been revered for millennia. This digital transformation, pioneered by figures like Brian Fitzgerald, has made the I-Ching more accessible than ever, with versions available for a variety of iOS devices, including the Apple Watch, thereby ensuring that guidance is just a wrist-glance away. The integration of features like the yarrow stalk method, traditionally a complex process, into a simple, elegantly designed user interface has opened the doors of divination to new users, providing an entrée into the philosophy of the I-Ching and the art of war and peace within oneself. It’s this blend of accessibility, privacy, and authenticity that positions I-Ching apps not just as tools of divination, but as companions for life’s turning points.

What Features Do the Top I-Ching Apps Offer?

The crème de la crème of I-Ching apps proffer a rich tapestry of features designed to mirror the traditional experience of consulting the ancient oracle while leveraging the benefits of modern technology. At the core, these apps provide clear, often scholarly, translations of the I-Ching’s 64 hexagrams, each reflecting a particular life situation or decision-making process. To accompany these translations, the apps often include a variety of casting methods, such as the classic three-coin toss or the yarrow stalk method, now digitised for convenience. This allows users to generate their hexagrams in a manner that adheres to the time-honoured traditions of I-Ching divination, right from their smartphones or tablets.

Beyond mere translations, the top-tier I-Ching apps enrich the user’s journey with extensive commentaries and interpretations, offering layers of depth to each reading. These might range from the classic Wilhelm-Baynes commentary to more contemporary interpretations by respected figures like Brian Browne Walker, providing users with a spectrum of perspectives on each hexagram. Additionally, these apps often include journaling features, allowing users to record their questions and the oracle’s guidance, thereby tracking their personal growth and patterns over time. Some apps also offer the option to ‘learn more about I-Ching’ through educational resources, integrating the history and philosophy of the I-Ching to deepen the user’s understanding of this ancient practice. These features, combined with intuitive interfaces and the ability to consult the oracle on-the-go, make these apps a valuable tool for both seasoned I-Ching enthusiasts and those new to its wisdom.

How to Choose the Best I-Ching App for You

Selecting the ideal I-Ching app from the myriad available in the App Store can be a contemplative process akin to the I-Ching’s own philosophy of thoughtful decision-making. Begin by considering the user interface: an app that allows you to ‘enjoy it on your iPhone or iPad with ease, showcasing an elegantly designed layout that enhances your divination experience, is essential. Visual clarity and accessibility are key, as the app should invite you to consult the oracle without confusion or distraction. Look for apps that let you ‘see screenshots’ before downloading, so you can gauge how intuitively you’ll interact with the app.

Next, delve into the depth of content and personalisation options. The best I-Ching app for you should offer not just accurate hexagram translations but also a wealth of commentaries—from ancient Chinese insights to thoughts by modern interpreters. Personalisation comes through features that allow you to ‘learn more about I-Ching,’ save readings, and track your journey over time. Read reviews to compare customer ratings, as these provide firsthand insights into the app’s performance and can highlight how an app may align with your expectations. Whether you seek a version of the I-Ching that includes the Tao Te Ching, the Hua Hu Ching, or a focus on the original Chinese text, the app should resonate with your approach to the ancient wisdom and how you wish to bring it into your daily life.

The Top 10 I-Ching Apps on the Apple App Store

App Icon A Guide to the I Ching

A Guide to the I Ching

Guide to Life's Turning Points

Brian Walker

 4.8 Stars • 5 Ratings

Free - Offers in-App Purchases

Version 2.8 | Last Updated: 2y ago

The world’s leading I Ching app is recognized for its sophistication and the purity of its content. It brings the ancient wisdom of the Book of Changes to those at pivotal moments in life, offering guidance towards prosperity, understanding, and tranquillity. Its appeal endures due to the deep insights it provides into personal growth and inner peace. Now reimagined as a user-friendly iOS app, it caters to both newcomers and seasoned users, allowing coin casting for divination directly within the app, enriching users’ lives with sage advice.

The app’s lite version includes the core consulting tool and full texts of all odd-numbered passages, with further content and features available for purchase. Brian Browne Walker, the author known for his clear and approachable translations of the I Ching and other Taoist texts, has his works published by major publishers and highly rated on Amazon, making this app a valuable conduit to centuries-old wisdom.

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App Icon Visionary I Ching Oracle

Visionary I Ching Oracle

Frederic Calendini

 4.7 Stars • 27 Ratings

Free - Offers in-App Purchases

Version 4.0 | Last Updated: 3y ago

The I Ching, also known as the Book of Changes, is a complex divination system that aids in decision-making and achieving optimal timing for actions. Paul O’Brien has authored the Visionary I Ching, a contemporary adaptation of this ancient oracle that enhances intuition and provides wisdom to navigate various situations or dilemmas. The app encourages users to approach it with a clear mind and a specific topic, promising insightful guidance that resonates with and activates the user’s intuition.

The free version of the app offers a ‘Lite’ experience, ad-free and with no time limits, including a limited reading and art access. Users can opt to upgrade to the full version for a fee, which includes additional features like Changing Lines and the ‘Future’ hexagram. Available for both iPhone and iPad, the app is a single purchase away from offering a full suite of I Ching tools. Further resources for using the I Ching for visionary decision-making are available on the Divination Foundation’s website.

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App Icon Oracle I Ching

Oracle I Ching

Shake your reading.

Nandakumar Vadakkath

 No Stars or ratings

Free - Offers in-App Purchases

Version 1.2 | Last Updated: 2y ago

The I Ching, or Book of Changes, is an ancient Chinese divination text, revered as the oldest of the Chinese classics and a source of inspiration for over two millennia. The Oracle I Ching draws from various translations, notably those by Richard Wilhelm and Thomas Cleary, tailored by the author to suit contemporary sensibilities by avoiding sexist and hierarchical language. Rather than predicting the future, the I Ching offers guidance on present circumstances and the potential paths one might follow.

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App Icon I Ching - Yi Jing Library

I Ching - Yi Jing Library

I Ching - The Book of Changes

Yi Jing GmbH

 No Stars or ratings

Free - Offers in-App Purchases

Version 4.0.11 | Last Updated: 5mo ago

The Yi Jing Library app is a modern tool for consulting the ancient Yi Jing, enhanced with a comprehensive database of authoritative texts from various authors. It streamlines the consultation process by displaying relevant passages instantly and allows for side-by-side comparisons of different interpretations. The app currently features over 4,000 pages from more than 12 books, each available for download, eliminating the need to physically handle large volumes for reference.

The app emulates the traditional Yi Jing consultation methods with yarrow sticks and coins, providing detailed explanations of hexagrams and their components, supported by images and a novel commentary from the perspective of Western system theory. This approach offers fresh insights into the Yi Jing’s symbolism.

Privacy and user experience are prioritized; the app is ad-free, does not use cookies, and functions offline. Users’ consultations remain private. The basic version offers all essentials for Yi Jing study, while the premium version provides additional features like text comparisons, font choices, and a collection of general questions. The app’s library, which includes translations and interpretations by noted scholars like Richard Wilhelm and Cary Baynes, is ever-expanding to encompass more resources.

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App Icon iChing - Book of Changes

iChing - Book of Changes

Ancient fortune telling

Aliaksandr Bernat

 5 Stars • 1 Ratings

Free - Offers in-App Purchases

Version 23.9.1 | Last Updated: 2mo ago

This divination app provides guidance for any situation, from personal fortune-telling to predicting future events. It features the ability to save and share readings with others and boasts an aesthetically pleasing design. Rooted in Chinese tradition, the I Ching or Book of Changes is credited to Fu-Si, a sage from around 3000 BC, who developed a theory of change encompassing the dynamics of Yin and Yang and the forces of the universe. The I Ching is revered as a profound source of wisdom, offering insights into the natural world and considered by many as a key to understanding the mysteries of nature.

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App Icon I Ching - Chinese Divination

I Ching - Chinese Divination

The Magical Chinese Divination

Keung Wah Chan

 No Stars or ratings

Free - Offers in-App Purchases

Version 2.0.5 | Last Updated: 2y ago

Produced by Master Miao You, a U.S.-educated holder of a Master of Science degree, this I Ching Tarot software offers users a way to divine across 13 life categories including luck, love, health, and business. The I Ching, or Book of Changes, is an ancient Chinese system that has been consulted for guidance by figures ranging from emperors to modern-day billionaires. With this software, users can perform personal divinations to understand their current situation and receive advice for the future. The app includes a unique Taiji circle feature that rotates during divination to align with cosmic forces, purportedly enhancing accuracy and user experience. Additionally, the software rates divination results with indexes like a five-star system, helping users gauge the auspiciousness of their readings. The app also features auspicious I Ching symbols as wallpaper to improve user luck.

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App Icon I-Ching book

I-Ching book

Aleksandr Moskalev

 No Stars or ratings


Version 1.2.8 | Last Updated: 8y ago

Changes are the essence of being. Our life is changing, our dreams are changing, seasons are changing. The whole world is changing. Some changes can be predicted, others are not predictable. Book of Changes “I Ching” was created and interpreted in China several thousand years ago, and it is still highly regarded as the key to the mystery of changes and spiritual transformation. Wondering at the book, you will learn the causes of the situation which you are in, and the ways out of it.

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App Icon I Ching the Classic of Changes

I Ching the Classic of Changes

An ancient Chinese divination

Salvatore Petrazzuolo

 No Stars or ratings

Free - Offers in-App Purchases

Version 1.6.1 | Last Updated: 2mo ago

This application offers instant access to the ancient Chinese divination text “I Ching” or “Book of Changes,” which dates back to 1100 BC and stands as the earliest of Chinese classics. The app enables users to seek guidance on urgent matters by interpreting 64 hexagrams to reveal advice on the present situation and potential future developments. It features functionalities like coin value entry, hexagram generation, and saving queries with their responses. Available in English, French, and Italian, the app records the last 50 hexagrams and allows users to add them to favourites. The I Ching’s role has evolved from a divination manual to a work of cosmological significance, offering insights into moral decision-making and the dynamics of change within the universe.

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App Icon AI Ching

AI Ching

AI Powered I Ching App

James Godwin

 5 Stars • 4 Ratings


Version 1.04 | Last Updated: 3mo ago

The I Ching app, developed by James, harnesses AI to make the ancient wisdom of the I Ching readily accessible for personal growth and navigating life’s challenges. James’s long-standing interest in the I Ching led him to collect numerous interpretations, which became the foundation for the app. Utilizing advanced natural language processing, the app analyses and synthesizes insights from various I Ching resources, offering users nuanced interpretations.

AI’s capability to detect patterns and contextualize hexagrams enriches the user’s understanding of this complex text, highlighting the I Ching’s multi-layered nature. It also offers a broader perspective by comparing scholarly interpretations across time and cultures. Furthermore, AI makes the I Ching’s profound teachings more approachable for contemporary users, translating ancient concepts into more accessible language. The app’s content evolves as the AI learns from new data, ensuring ongoing relevance and deepening wisdom for its users.

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App Icon I Ching Journal

I Ching Journal

Get and keep I Ching advices.

M Volgin

 No Stars or ratings


The app allows to perform I Ching divination using the 3 coin method (no actual coins required) and to store results for future reference. For each hexagram, the picture, number and name are provided, as well as the inner and lower trigrams with their respective descriptions. No interpretation is given because there is a huge choice of sources both on paper and on the web.

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App Icon iChing – Book of Changes

iChing – Book of Changes

Ancient classic, new package

Boris Alguliev

 No Stars or ratings

Free - Offers in-App Purchases

Version 1.04 | Last Updated: 3mo ago

The I Ching app provides modern access to the 3,000-year-old Book of Changes, a fundamental text for divination. It presents the I Ching’s 64 hexagrams, each with its own narrative, and facilitates divination that reveals insights into the past, present, and potential future. The app uniquely includes the traditional yarrow stalk method for casting hexagrams, alongside the common coin method, offering users a more authentic experience. Additional features include a journal for recording readings, detailed annotations for each hexagram, and a guide on using the I Ching and the app itself.

View on the Apple App Store

The Significance of Regular Updates and App Support

The commitment to regular updates is a cornerstone in the life cycle of any I-Ching app, ensuring that users can consistently turn to it for accurate and insightful guidance. Updates are not merely about adding new features or a more elegantly designed interface; they are crucial for refining the app’s translation accuracy, enhancing the user experience on devices like the iPad and iPhone, and ensuring the oracle’s teachings are conveyed with clarity and accessibility. When users compare customer ratings or read reviews in the App Store, they’re often reassured by the frequency and quality of updates, which reflect the developer’s dedication to the app’s performance and content integrity.

Support is just as vital as updates, providing users with the assurance that any issues they encounter will be addressed promptly. This extends from fixing bugs that might impede the app’s functionality to updating the content with the latest interpretations of the Book of Changes. When users ‘enjoy it on their iPhone’ or ‘learn more about I-Ching’ through an app, their peace of mind comes from knowing that the app will evolve alongside their own journey with the oracle. App support, manifested in a responsive customer service and a community of users, often contributes to a lasting popularity, making an I-Ching app not just a tool but a trusted companion for divination and introspection.

I-Ching Apps and the Authenticity Debate: How True to the Source Are They?

The transition of the I-Ching from ancient scrolls to digital screens has sparked a debate on authenticity, particularly regarding how faithfully these apps reflect the original teachings and divination methods. True authenticity in I-Ching apps is not just about the verbatim translation of the ‘Book of Changes’ but also about the preservation of the spirit and philosophical underpinnings of the hexagrams and the oracle system. The crux lies in whether the app can evoke the same introspective experience and provide the sage advice that one would expect from consulting the traditional text. While some purists argue that the tactile act of manipulating yarrow stalks or coins is intrinsic to the I-Ching’s ritual, app developers strive to recreate this process digitally, ensuring that the ‘version of the I-Ching’ they offer maintains the essence of the ancient practice while embracing the convenience of modern technology.

Moreover, the authenticity of I-Ching apps is also gauged by how they facilitate an understanding of the I-Ching’s wisdom. It is not enough for an app to simply generate hexagrams; it must also provide context, interpretations, and a pathway for users to ‘learn more about I-Ching’. This includes offering various translations, from the original Chinese to more contemporary adaptations by respected authors, and ensuring that users can access comprehensive and insightful commentaries. The fidelity of these apps to the source material can be a deciding factor for users who ‘compare customer ratings’ and ‘read reviews’ in search of an app that resonates with their quest for genuine insight. In the digital age, authenticity in I-Ching apps is thus a blend of accurate representation, educational value, and the ability to connect users to the timeless wisdom of the oracle in a way that enriches their modern lives.

The integration of artificial intelligence into the domain of I-Ching applications is not just an advancement; it’s a revolution. As we gaze into the future, we foresee I-Ching apps enhanced by AI becoming more than just tools for divination; they will evolve into wise companions, offering nuanced insights that were once the sole domain of seasoned practitioners. AI’s capacity to sift through vast libraries of interpretations and historical contexts will enable these apps to provide users with a rich, customised experience. Users will be able to access not just a reading, but a comprehensive analysis that draws parallels between various translations and commentaries, highlighting the wisdom of the sages in ways that resonate with individual life situations.

Moreover, AI will democratize the profound insights of the I-Ching, simplifying complex ancient symbols into modern, easy-to-understand advice. Advanced algorithms will translate the arcane stanzas of the I-Ching into actionable guidance, tailored to the unique challenges of contemporary life. As these apps learn from interactions with their users, they will become more adept at recognising patterns in queries and responses, offering a more personalised and relevant experience. The future I-Ching app will not only tell you what a particular hexagram means but will also suggest how its wisdom can be applied to personal growth, decision-making, and achieving peace of mind. In essence, AI will not only maintain the authenticity of the I-Ching but will also bridge the gap between ancient divination and modern-day self-help and mindfulness practices. An app that is already taking advantage of this is aiching.app


I-Ching apps offer a modern conduit to ancient wisdom, marrying tradition with technology. As these apps continue to evolve, they promise to keep the sacred art of the I-Ching alive for new generations, providing guidance and insight through the convenience of our smartphones and watches. The conclusion will provide a succinct recap of the key points discussed, ensuring readers leave with a clear understanding of the current state and potential future of I-Ching apps.

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