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I Ching Hexagram 3 - The Creative

If you keep your senses open to the dynamic and creative forces of the universe, you will be rewarded with good fortune in the present moment. Represents the active movement of change and the attainment of a cosmic perspective.


The title of this hexagram is 'The Creative', representing the Yang principle's full and active power in its original state before the Yin principle has modified it. The Judgment for this hexagram is: 'The Creative works sublime success, Furthering through perseverance.'


The hexagram of Ch'ien symbolises the powerful force of creation and the potential for growth, progress, and success. It represents the beginning of new projects and ventures and advises the querent to be persistent, hard working, and mindful of potential obstacles. Ch'ien represents the yang principle of ethereal heaven and the male principle in cosmology. It is associated with the sun, the light-giving force that illuminates the earth. The I Ching associates Ch'ien with the Sage, who rules through insight and inner truth, and as the Cosmic Father, seeks the best for all. In the I Ching cosmology, humans stand between heaven and earth and must not disregard the Heaven Principle. It is our destiny to cultivate our heaven potential, known as the Superior Man, which exists as a divine image or blueprint in the deity's mind. When an individual develops their heaven nature, they shine like the sun. They are conscious of what is excellent within themselves and unwilling to sacrifice their values and principles. They maintain inner independence and detachment and constantly seek to be responsive to the will of heaven. They create respect for reticence, tolerance, and love for truth in others. They are tolerant of those who have not yet developed themselves. Ch'ien also represents the creative idea before it transforms into reality and the hidden potential within any situation. The path that, if taken, will benefit everyone and bring about growth and progress. Overall, Ch'ien is an important reminder to stay true to oneself and the higher reality and to be aware of the potential for growth and success in every situation.

The Sage

Cultivate humility, maintain a receptive attitude, and stay true to oneself. It is essential to be grounded in one's inner strength, stay connected to one's inner wisdom and intuition, and cultivate a sense of trust and surrender to the natural flow of life. Additionally, one should be aware of one's limitations, focus on being present, and be flexible in one's thinking or actions. The I Ching advises persevering through adversity with humility, focus and inner guidance and remaining open to learning and growing from one's experiences. The key is staying true to oneself and following one's inner truth.

Line 1

Hidden dragon in the darkness. Refrain from acting prematurely. There are hidden elements in our situation that are currently beyond our understanding. To act now would be like walking in the blackest night past a dangerous place without light. We should wait for the light of the Creative to emerge and for the hidden elements to become visible, remaining patient until the time is ripe.

Line 2

The dragon emerges from the shadows. It is beneficial to seek the guidance of the wise. The 'great man' submits to the will of the higher power, heeding the advice of the Sage and trusting in the natural order of things. He overcomes his desires and promotes the aspirations of others. By cultivating a cosmic perspective, one can gain the strength to lead by example rather than force. The 'dragon appears in the field' when we influence others through our actions and attitudes. However, as we strive to maintain this way of being, it is essential to remain humble and not be driven by the need for recognition or control.

Line 3

The superior man is always active in his pursuits, but his mind is still filled with worries at nightfall. It's a time of danger, yet there is no blame to be placed. True creativity is born from an unstructured and open mindset, but the ambitious ego often tries to force progress through plotting and planning. It is crucial to be aware of these moments and to avoid falling into the trap of believing that we know the right path of action. Instead, we should remain adaptable and let events unfold without losing our sense of balance. Ambition can lead to the destruction of our integrity and principles, but by staying true to ourselves and following our inner truth, we can win the hearts of others and find true success. Giving up ambition allows for freedom of action but is not an excuse for reckless behaviour. Let your inner power guide you towards what is right and true, and avoid becoming too focused on achieving the desired outcome.

Line 4

The fourth line speaks of a moment of uncertainty, where one may question their chosen path. It reminds us to trust our will to move forward and avoid dwelling on potential obstacles. It also touches on inner agreements or plans that may limit our ability to act in the moment. It advises us to let go of these preconceptions and to be open to the guidance of the Creative, as it holds the key to unlocking hidden opportunities for progress and growth. The line encourages us to keep a clear and alert mind and to trust in the power of the Creative to guide us to success.

Line 5

The dragon takes flight in the heavens. It is a sign of progress and success. As we remain aligned with the principles of the creative force, our influence on those around us becomes natural and effortless, like the great man who guides and inspires others without conscious intention.

Line 6

The arrogance of ignoring warnings and pushing forward leads to regret. Stay humble and genuine to the inner truth of a situation to avoid conflicts and maintain balance. The ways of the Sage must be followed to prevent downfall and isolation. Combined with decisive strength and gentle actions bring good fortune and align with the natural order. Arrogance disrupts the balance and leads to negative consequences.

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